UNCG Accessibility-Related Policies

UNCG ICT (Web) Accessibility Policy

Policy on ICT (Web) Accessibility)

UNCG Discriminatory Conduct Policy

Policy on Discriminatory Conduct

UNCG Web Accessibility Plan for Courses and Other Online Content

Accessibility Plan Template
The Accessibility Plan is a template created to address accessibility issues found in a course or other online content. Upon reviewing a course, if any content is found to be inaccessible to students with a disability and it is not possible to remediate the content, this template should be used to document the accessibility limitations and record how to remedy these limitations with an equivalent, alternate solution. The template lists examples under each section to help the user understand how to complete it.

UNCG Human Resources: Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy

EEO Policy

UNCG adheres to the State of North Carolina’s EEO policy, which states that all human resources policies, practices and programs are fair, equal, and do not discriminate based on minority status (including individuals with a disability). The policy focuses on current and former employees and job applicants. For more information about the EEO policy and overall plan, see the UNCG EEO Plan.