UNCG offers many campus resources to assist with accessibility in a variety of ways. Nothing in design or programming should impede the ability of users to navigate the campus community and/or access content. Whether you’re a student, faculty, or staff member, find your campus accessibility resources here.

Academic Accommodations


Contact: [email protected]

OARS Primary Focus

Reviewing, approving, and coordinating requests for academic accommodations made by students or faculty/staff; assisting students with personal concerns; requests made by members of the public who need accommodations for University events, programs, services, etc.

OARS Key Resources for Students

Guidelines for registering with OARS, documenting a disability, and other information are provided on the OARS website. Students with a disability are strongly encouraged to contact OARS quickly to ensure accommodations are approved and in place when they are needed.

  • Connect with OARS — Process to register a disability with the Office of Accessibility Resources & Services (OARS); first step to receive academic accommodations.
  • Academic Accommodations — Includes information about testing accommodations, degree modifications, study abroad, and other accommodations.
  • Animals on Campus — Definitions of the different categories of animals, how they function, and the permissions provided to them on campus.
  • Text Conversion Information — Information on how to get an accessible alternative to printed material and requesting materials be converted.
  • Accessible Technology — Various accessible technology available to students through OARS.
  • Student FAQs — Answers to questions most commonly asked by students about the accommodations process at UNCG.
  • Student Grievance Procedure — Guidance on how to file a grievance if a student believes their accommodations are not being met.
OARS Key Resources for Faculty & Staff
  • Academic Accommodations — Descriptions of the common types of student academic accommodations provided at UNCG.
  • Faculty and Staff Information — Accessibility resources designed especially for faculty and staff.
  • Faculty FAQs — Answers to questions about accommodations that are commonly asked by faculty.
  • University Event Accommodations — Guidance to ensure support for individuals seeking accommodations or access to a publicized event.
  • Real-time Captioning — Steps for requesting real-time captioning for courses of all types when a student needs it to access audible content, events, or activities that occur in real-time and are required for the course.
  • Accessible Technology — A list of available software, hardware, and on-campus computer labs.
  • Campus Accessibility Map — Accessible routes marked on a map of campus.

Emergency & Safety Information


Contact: [email protected]

OEM Primary Focus

Preventing, preparing for, and responding to UNCG-related emergencies or disasters.

OEM Key Resources for Students, Faculty & Staff


Contact: [email protected]

EHS Primary Focus

Dedicated to supporting the University’s overall mission by inspiring a cultural environment of shared responsibility for environmental health and safety on campus.

EHS Key Resources for Students, Faculty & Staff


Contact: [email protected]

Campus Police Primary Focus

Coordinating measures to promote and increase campus safety and security.

Campus Police Key Resources for Students, Faculty & Staff



Contact: [email protected]

Facilities Primary Focus

Maintenance, upkeep, and repair of the University’s grounds and physical spaces, including residential halls and academic and non-academic buildings.

Facilities Key Resources for Students, Faculty & Staff

Housing Accommodations


Contact: [email protected]

HRL Primary Focus

Coordinating housing requests and accommodations; preparing students for campus living.

HRL Key Resources for Students

Faculty & Staff Support


Contact: [email protected]

HR Primary Focus

Coordinating accommodations for employees; supporting diversity and equal access to UNCG employment.

HR Key Resources for Faculty & Staff

Instructional Support


ISN Contacts

ISN Primary Focus

A collaborative effort from personnel across the University to support faculty both efficiently and effectively. Its members include Academic Technology Specialists (ATS) embedded within colleges and schools, the University Teaching and Learning Commons (UTLC), Instructional Designers within ITS: Learning Technology (ITS: LT), and University Libraries.

ISN Key Resources for Faculty & Staff

Parking & Transportation

Parking Operations and Campus Access Management (POCAM)

Contact: [email protected]

POCAM Primary Focus

Managing University parking and transportation including parking maps, accessible routes and parking spaces, how to request handicap placards.

POCAM Key Resources for Students, Faculty & Staff

Technical Support

Information Technology Services (ITS)

Contact: 336-256-8324, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

ITS Primary Focus

UNCG’s central technology organization, providing computing, communications, and data services, along with technology consulting opportunities with UNCG faculty, staff, and students.

ITS Key Resources for Students, Faculty & Staff

University Libraries


Contact: 336-334-5304

Library Primary Focus

Providing accessible digital and print resources.

Library Key Resources for Students

There are many services and resources available for both on campus and online students.

  • Library Accessibility Resources — Provides detailed information about the Library’s accessible entrances, equipment, technology, and other services.
  • Distance and Online Learning Guide — A special section just for online students, which lists many useful resources and services specifically for students taking online courses.
  • Services for Students — Page for more information on computing, research, and other services available to all students.
Library Key Resources for Faculty & Staff
  • Liaison Librarians by Department — A University librarian is assigned to each academic discipline and serves as a subject specialist providing support in research, locating course materials, and more.
  • Online Teaching Resources — Library resources to support instructors teaching through alternative course delivery methods.
  • Multimedia Services — Media collections and equipments including DVDs, streaming media, films (entertainment and instructional), music, etc.
  • Requesting Reserves — Print, electronic, and multimedia materials instructors can place on reserve for their students to use.
  • Assistance Obtaining Course Materials — The Library offers research support for faculty, including collection access, computing and technology support, and publishing, grants, and scholarly communication.


Contact: [email protected]

DMC Primary Focus

Providing space, resources, services, technology, and experienced professionals to students, faculty, and staff in need of creating multimedia products.

DMC Key Resources for Students, Faculty & Staff