Making the Accessible Move to Online

Web Accessibility Information for Faculty and Staff during COVID-19

This page contains resources and information to help you provide accessible online content as we all transition to online courses and services during COVID-19.

Differences in Online and Face-to-Face Accommodations

Online course accommodations often mirror those that are provided face-to-face, but how they are provided can vary due to the different technologies that must be used to communicate, facilitate, and engage in an online course.

.All About Accommodations in Online Courses

Don’t Forget Captioning for Your Virtual Celebrations & Other Events

COVID-19 has required us to move almost everything to a virtual environment – including celebrating the accomplishments of our 2020 graduates. Make sure to follow the appropriate captioning guidance so all of your graduates and other guests can fully access and enjoy the virtual festivities.

Captioning for Online Events & Courses

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More Resources

Learn basic accessibility design tips that all online courses should incorporate:

Get Started with Accessibility

Find out if areas of your course are not accessible & get remediation help:

Request Course Accessibility Review

It’s all about accommodations

If you have a student who requires accommodations in your face-to-face course, you will need to take additional measures to ensure that your online content is also accessible to the student.

This page lists accommodations that some UNCG students receive and common ways to provide them in an online course. Many of these accommodations should be done (or at least planned for) as a part of the course design process, but they must be done if you have a student with a disability enrolled in your course who needs them.

This is not an all inclusive list. If you have a student who receives an accommodation that is not listed on this page, contact OARS at If you have questions about how to provide any accommodation in an online format, contact the Web Accessibility Coordinator at or contact OARS.

Select one of the following categories:

Accessible Documents, Images, and Text

Accommodation Why it Matters Learning Object/Activity How to Fix

Accessible Text

Text can be read aloud by screen readers; size, spacing, and font can be adjusted

Text, & symbols (including math/scientific formulas)

Accessible Text
Descriptive Hyperlinks
Math & Scientific formulas: contact Web Accessibility Coordinator

Alternative Text

Describes images to users who are unable to see them

Images displayed on a computer screen

Create Accessible Canvas Pages

Create Alternative Text

Color Contrast

Users with low vision and color deficiency issues can view content displayed on the screen

Digital text and image

Checking for Color Contrast


Provides order and structure for users who navigate the screen by keyboard only

Canvas content, documents, presentation slide shows

Structuring Documents

Improve Heading Accessibility Video

Text Conversion for Reading Materials (printed and electronic)

Assistive technology can read navigate, and interact with the content

Textbooks, PDFs, ePubs, publisher content

Contact OARS

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Accommodation Why it Matters Learning Object/Activity How to Fix

Extended time for testing

More time is needed to operate assistive technology and to perform sensory and cognitive tasks

Tests, quizzes, timed activities

Canvas extended time instructions

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Live Presentations

Accommodation Why it Matters Learning Object/Activity How to Fix

Live Captioning/Sign Language

Provides synchronized text of spoken words and sounds in real time; sign language interpreters provide real time American Sign Language interpretation

Lectures, live streaming, synchronous class meetings

Contact OARS


Sensory disabilities make it difficult to operate assistive technology while taking notes

Cognitive disabilities also make it difficult to take notes while listening to/viewing information

Lectures, live streaming, synchronous class meetings

Contact OARS

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Accommodation Why it Matters Learning Object/Activity How to Fix

Audio Description

Provides a narrated description of visual non-verbal details in videos

Videos, films, dvd

Request through UTLC


Provides synchronized text of spoken words and sounds for pre-recorded videos

Videos, films, dvds, any other learning objects that require sound


Request through UTLC


Provides written text of spoken words and sounds for pre-recorded audio

Audio recordings


Request through UTLC

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