To ensure its online content is available to all users, UNC Greensboro offers this website as a hub for web accessibility support services and educational resources for faculty, staff, and students.

How to use this site: New to web accessibility? You may find Accessibility/Inclusivity useful for learning about accessibility concepts, and Getting Started with Web Accessibility is a good place to start applying what you know. Looking for a specific way to check for accessibility and make materials accessible? Visit the Making Content Accessible section. For help on a specific issue, check out the Help and Requests options.

Getting Started


Web Accessibility: Why is it Important?

While we understand that providing accessible online courses, programs, and services is required by law, web accessibility also ensures that no one is excluded from receiving the message we want to share with our online audience.


How-to Guides: Steps for Making Content Accessible

How do we make accessibility happen, and what does it mean for you specifically when it comes to documents, websites, and multimedia? How do you check accessibility? This section contains how-to instructional guides for making specific types of content accessible.


Getting Help with Accessibility

There are many resources on this site designed as do-it-yourself modules for addressing web accessibility issues.  Should you need further assistance or need to report an accessibility issue, connect with additional accessibility support services.

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