Making Multimedia and Websites Accessible

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Need to check the material you’ve created for accessibility?

Learn how to use various accessibility checkers by visiting the Checking for Accessibility page.

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Multimedia (presentations, videos, or audio recordings, etc.) are great educational resources and have been found to enhance both student learning and engagement. They can be accessible to everyone if certain essential elements are considered when creating or securing materials.

Key Accessibility Features for Multimedia

The following features are critical for accessibility for people with disabilities. They must be considered when you use any form of multimedia.

  • Audio Description – enables user to hear narration of the nonverbal action and communication, and other important visual content that displays on screen.
  • Captioning – enables user to read a synchronized text version of the auditory content.
  • Online video platforms – tool used to display both synchronous and asynchronous virtual meetings, sessions and events

Common Accessibility Multimedia Issues & Solutions

Often someone in your audience will have one or more accessibility challenges that affect vision, hearing, or mobility when using multimedia. Multimedia (video/audio) describes these challenges and shares accessible solutions that address them.

How to Create Accessible Multimedia

Visit Create Accessible Multimedia & Websites to get step-by-step instructions for creating accessible multimedia and websites.